[Translated poetry analysis] Disquiet and stillness

It's fascinating to see two literary texts which, though written 180 years apart, match as perfectly as if one author had meant to answer the other. The first text is a prose passage from the novella René, by French writer François-René de Chateaubriand (1768-1848). The second is a short poem by the German philosopher Frithjof … Continue lendo [Translated poetry analysis] Disquiet and stillness

[Translated poetry] A Brazilian sonnet by Eduardo Guimaraens

As a change from our last two English posts, which were about etymology, I thought I'd share here my translation of a sonnet by Brazilian symbolist poet Eduardo Guimaraens (1892-1928). It is very nearly a literal translation, so the sonnet form is lost (I don't think I could translate it keeping the original form anyhow!); … Continue lendo [Translated poetry] A Brazilian sonnet by Eduardo Guimaraens