[Literary passages] In the presence of the King

These three excerpts convey beautifully the magnetism that authentic kingship has for those people who have not succumbed to the "special disease of democracy", that "stunted and envious sort of mind which hates all superiority". From The Adventures of Sinuhe, an ancient Egyptian text:I found His Majesty on the great throne, on a podium of … Continue lendo [Literary passages] In the presence of the King

[Translated poetry analysis] Disquiet and stillness

It's fascinating to see two literary texts which, though written 180 years apart, match as perfectly as if one author had meant to answer the other. The first text is a prose passage from the novella René, by French writer François-René de Chateaubriand (1768-1848). The second is a short poem by the German philosopher Frithjof … Continue lendo [Translated poetry analysis] Disquiet and stillness

[Literary passage] Chess metaphors in The Cardinal

Let's delight in Henry Morton Robinson's deft use of chess figures of speech towards the end of this scene. The man was a master at simile and metaphor. Setup: Young Father Stephen Fermoyle has fallen in disgrace with the irascible Cardinal Glennon, who banished him to a remote, penniless parish as assistant to the ailing … Continue lendo [Literary passage] Chess metaphors in The Cardinal