[Easy reader] Um Romance no Rio

A Kindle easy reader for students of Portuguese.

[Children’s books] Library For All

In this project, I wrote two children’s books for Australian non-profit Library For All.

[Short story] Tree Heart

This short story I wrote — about a lonely utility pole that yearns to be a tree — was featured in the 24th issue of digital literary journal Lackington’s.

[Short story] Henry V, Act II: Deleted Scene

Find out what happens to Henry V’s bodyguard in my historical fiction short story published by online literary journal The Copperfield Review.

[Copywriting] Kated Travel

In this project, I wrote 800+ texts (~90 words each) describing extraordinary travel experiences for the luxury travel website Kated.

[Content writing] Upwords Translation

From September 2020 to May 2022, I wrote 45 blog articles (~600 words each) about corporate translation and localization.

[Copywriting] Fresh app

Here’s the ASO description I wrote for the Fresh news app — in Brazilian Portuguese, and localized for Brazil.

[Copywriting] Zenia yoga app

Check the app store-optimized English description I created for the Zenia yoga app on Google Play and on the App Store.

[Content creation] Kated Travel

Between January and July 2021, I was Head of Content at Kated.com

Unorthodox Travel Logo

[Podcast editing] Unorthodox Travel

In this project, I edited 129 podcast transcriptions into ~1000-word articles for Unorthodox Travel Magazine.

[Copywriting] EliteVoyage

From August to December 2021, I wrote descriptions of hotels, travel experiences and destinations for this Czech luxury travel agency.

[Content writing] iDeals VDR

Since September 2021, I write English content for iDeals, one of the top VDR providers worlwide.

[Article editing] Cinema and TV

In this project, I harvested article ideas, liaised between the website owner and contributors, and…

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