Um Romance no Rio

A Kindle easy reader for students of Portuguese.

Children’s literacy in developing countries

Educational books for 3-5 year olds.

Seed Heart

A short story featured in digital journal Carpe Bloom.

Henry V, Act II: Deleted Scene

A historical fiction short story published by The Copperfield Review

[Travel writing] Kated

I’ve written over 800 short texts (around 90 words each) describing extraordinary travel experiences for the luxury travel website Kated. My texts cover Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Norway, Brazil, Cuba, the United States, Maldives, Indonesia and French Polynesia. Check them here. Let me take you on a night tour of the Alhambra, show you the … Continue lendo [Travel writing] Kated

[Google Play description] Busuu app

Check the ASO-optimized Google Play description I wrote for the language-learning Busuu app — in Brazilian Portuguese, and localized for Brazil.

[Google Play description] Fresh app

Here’s the ASO description I wrote for the Fresh news app — in Brazilian Portuguese, and localized for Brazil.

[Blog posts] Upwords Translation

Since September 2020, I’ve written 20 blog posts on topics related to the translation business for the Upwords translation company. The posts are written in English (UK variant), and are around 500-700 words each. Check a few of them: Want to reach a foreign audience? Multilingual SEO is crucial.E-commerce: why and how you should do … Continue lendo [Blog posts] Upwords Translation

[ASO description] Zenia yoga app

Check the app store-optimized English description I created for the Zenia yoga app on Google Play and on the App Store.

[Content creation] Kated Travel

Since January 2021, I’m Head of Content at Kated.com. My tasks include: editing podcast episodes into articles for the Kated Travel Magazine;creating website landing pages in Wordpress;reaching out to travel bloggers with partnership proposals.

Unorthodox Travel Logo

[Content editing] Unorthodox Travel

I’ve edited 129 podcast transcriptions into ~1000-word articles for Unorthodox Travel Magazine.

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