[Aesop’s fable] The Traveller and the Lion

In six lines, Aesop show us how those who control the media often rewrite history. And we see that five centuries before Christ, there were “alternative facts” already.

Once, a man and a lion travelled together, arguing all the while about who was the stronger. At the end of the road, they found themselves before a stone monument, showing a man who strangled a lion.
— See how we men are much stronger than lions! the man exclaimed.
— If lions could sculpt, the lion answered with a smile, you would see a great number of men under lions’ claws.


From Enciclopédia Universal da Fábula, vol. III. Editora das Américas. Translated by Beatriz Becker.
Image: Wikimedia Commons; detail of “Ashurbanipal’s lion-hunt”.

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