[Writing tips] Examples of metaphors

Isn’t Henry Morton Robinson a writer to wonder at? In a passage published before, we have seen him use chess metaphors in a masterful way.

Here we will look at some shorter metaphors, and one simile, also from his famous novel The Cardinal (yes, I admit it’s his only work I have read). Check how these figures of speech are vivid and effective.

And if you are not sure what is the difference between a simile and a metaphor, you can quickly learn that here.

This was the happiest time of Stephen’s life. The war to end war was over; the jubilant Armistice rocket that filled the sky with sparks of golden hope had not yet come down a dead stick.

Barely ten days had elapsed since the beginning of his pontificate; echos of the solemn coronation chant, ‘Tu es Petrus’, had scarcely subsided when the groans of a distracted world broke in upon the pontiff’s human ear. From every quarter of the globe, chords of misery were rising.

A drench of anguish sapped Stephen’s will. For support he grasped at rebel fantasies — matchwood temptations whirling down the wind of despair.

These thoughts promptly disappeared into the limbo of things that can’t be helped.

The Stromboli‘s prow cut the calm sea like a diamond, and as the lenghtening wake healed the scar — first with foam, then in seamless peace — Stephen felt his own wounds healing, too.

4 thoughts on “[Writing tips] Examples of metaphors

  1. I often get mixed up between metaphors, similes, and analogies, and no amount of Googling will hammer that fact into my head. Thanks for sharing these great examples!


  2. Thank you, Stuart, for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts! You know what? In your honour, the next post will be a beautiful passage explaining what metaphors are. It has helped me and it will probably help you. 🙂


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