Well met! I’m Beatriz Becker, writer and translator.

Are you looking for a content writer and editor? Do you need a Brazilian Portuguese translator? Find out how I can help you right below. If you would like to see samples of my work, check my portfolio, then head here to contact me.

If you are instead a lover of words and stories, leisurely roaming through literary blogs, then here’s what I’d like to share with you.

Work with me

Are you passionate about your great product or service? And adamant about publishing high-quality written content?

Then I want to work with you. As your content writer, editor, copywriter, and translator, I will:

  • understand your needs and present you with solutions
  • really care about your project
  • create 100% original content for you
  • delight you with perfect grammar and spelling
  • respect your deadlines
  • communicate with you in a timely and easy way

My niches? Travel writing, management, the translation industry and literature. But I’m always excited to explore new areas.

These are a few kinds of writing I do:

  • Google Play and App Store descriptions (ASO)
  • blog posts (SEO optimized)
  • articles
  • press releases
  • webpages
  • booklets and ebooks

Other things I’ll do for you:

  • translation from English and French into Brazilian Portuguese
  • content localization to Brazil
  • text editing (includes editing podcast transcripts into easy-to-read articles)
  • transcreation to PTBR
  • proofreading

So, reach out to me, and let me help you reach your audience.

Literary blog

If you love words and stories, you will enjoy having a look at my litblog. What do I offer you there that other litblogs don’t?

Make yourself at home, take your time, and enjoy Words and Stories. If you have a question, remark, or an idea for a new post, do leave a comment on my latest post and let me know!

About me

Are you mildly curious about your host? Here’s my third-person bio. (My first-person bios sound too narcissistic…)

Words are Beatriz’s longstanding love. Before she could even read, she learnt her bedtime story by heart.

Later, Beatriz benefited from living in a home where television was outlawed and books reigned. Languages too were given a place of honour: she began studying English when she was five, and Spanish a few years later.

In her early adolescence, Beatriz discovered English Literature, and would pester her sisters reciting poetry and prose by heart. During the following years she also taught herself French, studied writing techniques and wrote unpublishable poetry.

Beatriz graduated in Public Administration in her native Brazil, and worked for a few years in the public service before going on to do a Master’s in the French-speaking University of Lausanne (Switzerland). During her stay in Switzerland she studied and got an intermediate-level diploma in Italian.

After receiving her Master’s degree in 2017, Beatriz decided to return to her first love. She is now a writer, translator and storyteller based in São José dos Campos, Southeast Brazil.

Beatriz has two short stories published: Tree Heart was featured in the digital journal Lackington’s, and Henry V, Act II: Deleted Scene appeared in the historical fiction online magazine The Copperfield Review.

Beatriz’s secret pleasure is being politically incorrect and using masculine forms to refer to both sexes. Her more public joys are outings in nature, and telling stories to anyone who will listen to her.

Visit Beatriz’s LinkedIn profile for more details.

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